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Levi Pata(リーバイ・パタ) 1985年ホリスター(カリフォルニア)生まれ。



個展に、2011年「鳴り響く銃声とギリシャの音楽(FOIL GALLERY、東京)

2018年「black cherry」(AL、東京)、2019年「TO: TODAY」(haku、京都)

2020年「RAW HEART」(BAF studio、東京)など。

2019年1月パリコレで発表されたTAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist

の2019FWコレクション「1ONE MY WAY」のデザインに自身の作品が使用された。

本に、作品集「小さい部屋から」、ポストカードブック「ANOTHER SUNSET」(HeHe出版)。

2021年8月には自身の部族であるノムラカ族の主な歴史的出来事が綴られたエッセイや詩本「Genesis Place/はじまりの木 : 現代のカルフォルニア・インディアンの話」が青土社から出版された。

2021年11月MEDICOMTOY PRESENTS「AKASHIC RECORDS 2011-まぼろしのパレード-」作品をメインビジュアルに使用。

2022年 WIND AND SEA × Levi Pata コラボレーション、10月2022AW BOWWOWコラボレーション、11月 exbition「PLAY LIST 」を開催した。



nylon 53%

cotton 45%

polyurethane 2%



color black

(size F・unisex)


着丈 79.5

バスト 130

裾 102

肩巾 71.5

袖丈 61

袖幅 34.5

袖口幅 14

裄丈 96.7

衿幅 3.5


made in japan


Made using matte nylon high-density stretch fabric.

It has a three-dimensional design with quilted lining.

The neckline is wide and you can enjoy the construction with the inner layer.

Beautiful design with detailed zipper.

This is a one-of-a-kind collection line.


Levi Pata

Born 1985 in Hollister, California.

He lived in Tokyo for two years from 2009 and then returned to San Francisco.

In 2016, he moved to Kyoto. Currently, he is based in Kyoto.

Solo exhibitions include “Ringing Gunshots and Greek Music” (FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo) (2011),

“black cherry” (AL, Tokyo) (2018), “TO: TODAY” (haku, Kyoto) (2019),

“RAW HEART” (2020). (BAF studio, Tokyo), etc.

His own work was used for the design of TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist's 2019FW collection "1ONE MY WAY" which was announced at Paris Collection in January 2019.

In books, his work collection "From a small room", postcard book "ANOTHER SUNSET" (HeHe Publishing).

In August 2021, Seidosha published an essay and poetry book titled "Genesis Place/The Beginning Tree: The Tale of Modern California Indians," which chronicles the major historical events of his own tribe, the Nomuraka. was done.

November 2021 MEDICOMTOY PRESENTS "AKASHIC RECORDS 2011-Maboroshi no Parade-" is used as the main visual. 2022 WIND AND SEA x Levi Pata Collaboration October 2022AW BOWWOW collaboration November exhibition "PLAY LIST" 



nylon 53%

cotton 45%

polyurethane 2%

(made in Japan)


color black

(size F・unisex)


Length 79.5

bust 130

Hem 102

Shoulder width 71.5

Sleeve length 61

Sleeve width 34.5

Cuff width 14

Sleeve length 96.7


made in japan

Levi Pata MA-01

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